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Director: Alonso Llosa

Cinematographer: Sean Webley

Producer: Gustavo Rosa


Synopsis: The Restoration is a feature film written and directed by Alonso Llosa that was developed over the course of a decade with producer Gustavo Rosa. The film follows Tato, a middle-aged man living at home in Lima, Peru and in need of money as he schemes to sell his bedridden mother’s home out from under her, relocating her to a replica of her bedroom in the hopes that she won’t notice the difference.

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Awards and Recognition:

Santa Barbara International Film Festival (SBIFF) — World Premiere

Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF)

Guadalajara International Film Festival (FICG)

Shanghai International Film Festival

Santiago International Film Festival

Lima International Film Festival

Sarasota Film Festival

Newport Beach Film Festival

San Diego Latino Film Festival — Audience Award.

RiverRun Film Festival


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Poster for the feature film La Restauracion
Tato from the restoration looks as his plan
Behind the scenes from the restauracion film
Behind the scenes from the restauration film peru
Still from the film the restauracion
Still from the film the restauracion
Behind the scenes still from the restauracion
Still from the film the restauracion
Still from the restoration film
Still from the restauracion pelicula
Still from the restauracion
Still from the restoration
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