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Official publication of the creative collective. 


Projects and artists inside:


La Restauracion (Feature Film): Interview with director Alonso Llosa and Producer Gustavo Rosa.



Less Than a Secon (Feature Documentary): Interview with director Benjamin Kegan.

She is My Everything (Music Video): Interview with director Jade Healy

Poets in Space (Series): Interview with co-creator Daniel Grossman and Poet Malachi Black.

Beef (Experimental film): Interview with co-director Brendon Kingsbury.

The Boatman (Graphic Novel): Interview with artist Daniel Reed

Two Mobility Futures (Fine Art Installation): Interview with architect and artist Gabriela Bila Advincula

Solar Abandon (Fine art): Overview by artist Sean Webley.



Devil Vac by Benjamin Kegan

Music for Plants by Orlando Torres and Yinuo Wang

The Department of All Things Lost and Found by Orlando Torres and Yinuo Wang.

Primitive Publication 2023

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