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Written by: Sean Webley

Art by: Daniel Reed



A boatman ferrying a hunter from the land of the living to the dead becomes lost at sea. Swearing the destination is just ahead, the boatman stops at each port along the coast to ask directions but, hundreds of years after their quest began, the boatman and hunter arrive at a port far from where they started, in a place where their presence seems suspicious, and their story seems a lie.

Based on a short story by Franz Kafka, The Boatman is an absurdist comedy concerning purpose and meaning of life. Influenced by Samuel Beckett, the characters in the story are colorful and hyperbolic. All are lost in their own ways and no one serves the functions of their roles in life - the boatman is lost at sea, the hunter no longer hunts, the fishermen don’t bother fishing anymore. But somehow, in all the disparate elements coming together, the characters all find some hope for a future, or at least in continuing on.

Featured in Primitive Creative Collective Annual Publication.

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