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Written by: Sean Webley

Art by: Daniel Reed



Confined to a long-forgotten Spanish mission deep within a South American rainforest, a group of rebel prisoners are chained together as they struggle to survive a brutal and sadistic commanding officer. With an impending army and certain death on the way, they do all they can to escape. However, the jungle they escape into has strange qualities that challenge each prisoner, manifesting their deepest guilts, fears, and desires. The chain in which they are all bound attaches more than just their bodies, the prisoners’ fates are tied to the group as they all must contend with the darkest aspects of each man along the chain.

The Chain is a psychological horror story with elements of magical realism and warfare. While the story explores the themes of hopelessness, confinement, nihilism, and mania, it also shows the human capacity for resilience and determination and explores the notion of free will. The chain itself serves as a crucible where humanity can be forged and hardened, and the story creates a study of hell that medieval and renaissance painters and philosophers would recognize — a raging fire of physical and mental anguish.

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